Learn Android Tutorial 1.28- Introduction to the SurfaceView

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Learn Android Tutorial 1.28- Introduction to the SurfaceView

This tutorial will show an example of setting up a new thread that handles the graphics, instead of using the view which is the same thread that handles the UI. This is just a basic set up, preparing for setting up the graphics.

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  1. dude! i like this type of tutorial, slow and steady! and I can just watch it over and over if I have problems. GOOD JOB!!! gonna watch #29 now.

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  2. Hi Travis, great videos! Quick question. If you’re designing a program, and let’s say, you have multiple characters and scenery effects. Is it possible to only use SurfaceView for a call to draw, but all of the Rect. set up and builds could be done in each character’s, or scene effect’s, own class file? And called from SurfaceView?


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