Learn Android Tutorial 1.33 – Review of SurfaceView and Thread setup

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Learn Android Tutorial 1.33 – Review of SurfaceView and Thread setup

This tutorials will review the concepts and structure of the surfaceview example that we have created. If you feel you understand these concepts, feel free to skip to the next lesson.

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  1. This is a great example. Ran into an issue maybe you can help me with I added a smlise class and add the smlise object to the levelobject array on the soldiers handletouchevent method. The net result is that now when you tap on the screen a smlise is fired ! The issue arises when I try to launch the second smlise, the application crashes with :E/AndroidRuntime( 362): java.util.ConcurrentModificationExceptionE/AndroidRuntime( 362): at java.util.ArrayList$ArrayListIterator.next(ArrayList.java:573)E/AndroidRuntime( 362): at game.level.GameLevel.HandleTouchEvent(GameLevel.java:50)Any idea why this would happen ? I am trying to basically fire a weapon every time the screen is tap’ed and will most likely handle movement with an accelerometer. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  2. Might be getting cuased by the sprite sheet animation method I was using. It could be that the animation class is expecting there to be more frames in the animation than exist? It seems like something is null in that array list you are trying to use. Just a guess I havent touched Android in a while.

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  3. I’ve tried this tutorial and have been following all of the tutorials so all of my code is exactly the same. However when I tried this one the ball keeps scrolling across the screen and I cant seem to drag it etc. I’ve searched through the code and it seems to be exactly the same with no errors, but its not working! Please help me !!

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  4. great vids man, i got a small problem, i made the menu like you done in your vids and when i click the button to go to the surface view class, i wont open it froce close the app and i hoping to download the sorce code to see how you done but i cant find, if anyone can help me that would be great.

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  5. Hey so something I’m wondering is how do we set the background of a SurfaceView to be an image such as a bitmap?

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