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Android Getting Started Tutorial  Android Getting Started Tutorial – Installing Eclipse, Android SDK & AVD.

This Android Getting Started Tutorial will help setup everything you’ll need for Android Development!

This Android Getting Started tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up all the basic tools you will need to start creating your very own Android applications.  We will be installing Eclipse (the IDE), downloading the Android SDK, installing both the Android AVD and the SDK, and setting up different Android Platforms.  After that, you can go to the next Android getting started tutorial and learn to create your own app from scratch!
[If you don’t have the Java JRE start here (Ignore if you are on Mac)]

Android Getting Started Video Walkthrough

Android Getting Started Description

Before you can get started developing your own Android apps, you will need to download and install the tools necessary to make it happen.  This Android getting started tutorial will start by downloading the Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse is an IDE, which stands for Integrated Development Environment, and if you are a new programmer, you are probably like WTF is that??!  Well, what an IDE does is make development a lot easier, such as recommending methods to use on a certain object, and if you are like what is a method, and what is an object, don’t worry about that right now.  All that is important is that installing Eclipse will help us create apps much quicker and easier.

Now, that we know (somewhat) what an IDE is, we will install the Android SDK, and setup the Android AVD. The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) will allow us to use methods and structures specifically designed for Android, such as using methods that we can use to send text messages, set the background of the user’s phone, and many, many more.

The Android AVD (Android Virtual Device) will allows us to test our Android apps on an emulator (or a virtual device) which comes in handy if we don’t have an actually android device to do our testing on.  You will be able to set up many different Android AVDs so you can test your application on “different” android devices, such as different android tablets and different phones.  If you want to eventually test your Android applications on your own device, you may want to check out this walkthrough.


This video is the first in a web series that I am creating to help you learn Android programming so you can create apps and eventually how to learn to write games for android phones. I want to explain things in a way that everyone can understand, even if you have no experience with Java, XML, C, OpenGL, or as a matter of fact, any other programming language.

If you do have a lot of experience with programming, these first videos will be really slow for you, but my goal is to get everyone sprinting, but for now we have learn to crawl.

Hope you enjoyed this Android Getting Started tutorial, make sure you check out the next post.

Resourceful Links

Download links:
Eclipse: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
Android SDK: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html
Android ADT: http://developer.android.com/sdk/eclipse-adt.html
Additional help link: http://developer.android.com/sdk/installing.html

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  1. Hi Guys,

    where do I find your quellcodes for all these tutorials?

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  2. I couldn’t Load the Emulator..Its Showing “invalid command-line parameter: manager\android-sdk-windows\tools/emulator-arm.exe.
    Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’.
    please use -help for more information”..i follow the same procedure as u did…Pls help me pls

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  3. hi,i have downloaded java jdk some 1.7.0 tool in programfiles in my windows os..i also downloaded eclipse which is in my program files when i click the eclipse icon in eclipse its saying that..”a jre r jdk in order to run eclipse.no java virtual machine was found after searching the following location.c:\programfiles\eclipse\jre\bin\javaw.exe.javaw.exe in your current path.”this is the message am getting unable to instal eclipse though i have download java jdk and from javac file copied the location n created a user variable in system properties pls help me how can i instal d eclipse

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  4. Hi, can some one tell me why javadoc appears when i’m hovering mouse on a method in a java project but not in a Android project. And how to make it appear in Android project.Thanks.

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  5. hey guys! I have just started watching trav’s android tutorials on thenewboston and on the 8th lesson yet have a problem that makes me crazy. it doesn’t show any errors but when I run app, it shows empty emulator, it’s just written ANDROID_. and before that empty emulator is displayed, three black “console” windows just blink and disappear so I can’t read what’s written in one of them. please help me, please!

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  6. Finally, what I’ve been looking for! Thanks for the tutorials.

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  7. hi sir. i’m from philippines and i really enjoy watching your tutorials and i learned a lot keep it up. i wish that your tutorials will be updated as android

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  8. This is really nice introduction man please keep it up with your next and nice tutorial I learned a lot with this and will continue with your nice tutorials :) …..
    thanks for the this man !

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  9. Hi great work.can you do how build ant automate the junit tests using apache ant…

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  10. Awesome Trav.
    Great job

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  12. Hi Sir, thank you for the tutorials, i’m from a small and corrupt country, when i search the net i find a lot of confusing things about programming, android and so on… i dont have enough money to learn programming from courses/classes , but i want to break out, and finding this tutorials helped me a lot, thank you again!!! (sorry for my english)

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    • Thanks for your comment Razuro!

      I wish you the best of luck,

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  13. Hi Travis,
    I have learnt Android from your tutorials. They are awesome and you have explained things so well.
    I am working on a project that needs to exchange data with the server using php via Json with the php device….I have been searching like hell and have tried more than 7 programs for days but I don’t know it is not working for me. Do you have any tutorial for that….If yes, please upload it….

    Ravi S.Gohil

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    • after 7 years it will install you’re not jnoikg. It’s been over an hour and still downloading Dual Screen APIs by KYOCERA. Is something wrong or does it take an unusally long time to download? Thanks for the tutorial by the way!

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  14. The tuts are crazy…ws looking fr a place to start from scratch and unable to find it..stumbled upon this site accidently nad BINGOOOOO!!!!!!keep up the good work Trav..m sure its gonna help a million beginners like me..cheers

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  15. These tutorials gives me a motivation to be an android app maker, although it’s just a start will soon be mid-pro. I want to say more than Thank you Sir, Travis

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  16. I have been planning on learning android for a long time and finally I have made my mind up to start seriously! Just installed the SDk and all so off to the next vids! thanks a lot for the tuts! Love your work man! can’t thank you enough! but seriously “thank you”. not kidding – thanks trav. period.

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  17. no matter if install is over the net (http or https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/) or thru the zipfile ADT-20.0.3.zip, I get

    Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
    Software being installed: Android Development Tools 20.0.3.v201208082019-427395 (com.android.ide.eclipse.adt.feature.group 20.0.3.v201208082019-427395)

    thats using eclipse
    Version: 4.2.0
    Build id: I20120608-1400

    on a windows 7 os on a 64bit machine and jre-7u5-windows-i586 installed.

    pics of error msg and android sdk manager components installed for your amusement

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    • Are you installing within eclipse or trying it on your own?

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  18. I noticed someone complained about “prev — next” being switched, but didn’t exactly say when/where. When you’re on the “Tutorials” page, in center is long list of all lessons of all types, on left are categories. Click a category like Android Basics, then you get a comic-book-arranged list of its 40 lessons (10 per url), showing about 4 on screen at a time, then scroll to the bottom where lesson 10 shows up, then at the bottom of screen you see “prev–next” as one would expect, but their actions are reversed. btw I really appreciate your tutorials for Android — thanks a lot!

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    • Thanks for your help Robert, I’ll try to get it fixed in the next couple of days! Thanks again

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