3 – Unity Interface and Navigation Basics

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Unity Interface and Navigation BasicsUnity Interface and Navigation Basics

In this Unity 3D tutorial we will be talking about the basics of navigation within the Unity interface. Anytime you are working with new software it helps to understand how the interface is setup, and learn some shortcuts to speed up the development process. It is recommended that you take this course with a friend so you can work together and keep each other accountable.  mybringback would also love if you could tweet this course out to your friends, or post on facebook.  I wish you the best as a future game developer. -Trav

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In this Unity 3D game development tutorial we will learn the basics of navigation in Unity3D. The ability to navigate quickly through the Unity interface will allow you to create games efficiently. That is why I decided to talk about the Unity interface before we start developing our mobile games. Specifically, we will learn how to change perspectives within the Unity scene, which is a 3D world. We will also learn how to create a simple Unity 3D game object and give it a name.

We well learn more about the Unity interface and shortcuts as the lessons progress, but if you want to learn some more right now, check out Unity’s site.
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