11 – Physics Settings Parameters

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Physics Settings ParametersPhysics Setting in Unity 3D

In this Unity 3D tutorial we will learn how to adjust the physics settings of our game. Adjusting the physics parameters within Unity could make our game realistic or surreal, depending on the settings. It is recommended that you take this course with a friend so you can work together and keep each other accountable.  mybringback would also love if you could tweet this course out to your friends, or post on facebook.  I wish you the best as a future game developer. -Trav

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In this Unity tutorial we will learn about a variety of parameters we can set for our game. These physics settings built into Unity will let us customize look and feel of the environment. From setting the bounciness of game object to constricting certain axises to eliminating friction, we will do it all in this tutorial.

Confining objects to a specific axis will help us to prevent future errors that a specific object may cause.


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