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Unity Prefab ExampleUnity Prefab Example

In this Unity 3D tutorial we will be talking about the Unity Prefab feature. A Prefab object in Unity is an object that can be copied and all copies can will have the same properties of the original prefab.  It is recommended that you take this course with a friend so you can work together and keep each other accountable.  mybringback would also love if you could tweet this course out to your friends, or post on facebook.  I wish you the best as a future game developer. -Trav

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In this unity tutorial for android, iOS, and Web game development, we will learn about an awesome feature in Unity that is called a prefab, which means a prefabricated object.  With prefabs we can easily put objects into multiple scenes, and make adjustments to multiple objects easily which will make our lives a whole lot easier.

Basically, a Unity prefab object is the master, or parent, object. You can then make copies of the prefab and create multiple instances (or child objects) of the prefab. You can then make an adjustment to the original prefab object and apply that change to all child objects. This saves a ton of time because we now don’t have to make that adjustment for each object individually.

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  1. Please hurry with the next tutorial. Its much easier to learn unity with simple 2d games like this.

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